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The Different Days Of The Week Will Be Observed As Swachchta Diwas, Satkar Diwas, Sewa Diwas, Satarkata Diwas, Saamanjasya Diwas, Sanyojan Diwas, Sanchaar Diwas

On 25th May, 2016 Union Government shall be completing two years. During this period a number of initiatives have been launched and significant achievements made by Indian Railways in all spheres, especially in its responsiveness, accessibility and improvement of passenger amenities.

Ministry of Railways has decided to undertake a week long RAIL HAMSAFAR SAPTAAH’ from 26th May to 1st June, 2016. Each day of the week will focus on a particular theme and hence the days have been named as 26th May-Swachchta Diwas, 27th May-Satkar Diwas, 28th May-Sewa Diwas, 29th May-Satarkata Diwas, 30th May-Saamanjasya Diwas, 31st May-Sanyojan Diwas and 1st June-Sanchaar Diwas. Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has directed that all the General Managers should personally supervise various activities to be undertaken during the week as given below:

(1) All Zonal Railways would ensure that various passenger amenities works nearing completion would be commissioned during this week. A list of such works would be submitted to the Railway Board by 25th May.

(2) On 26th May, (Swachchta Diwas) all out efforts would be made to undertake Intensive Cleanliness Drive on all the Stations and in Trains. All stations of Indian railways on that day would be inspected by an officer including GMs and DRMs who will be supervising the cleanliness drive with the help of railway staff, NGOs, staff associations, scouts & guides, etc.

(3) On 27th May (Satkaar Diwas) officers would be deputed to inspect All catering establishments and Drinking water facilities at stations and in trains to ensure that all the trains having pantry cars are inspected and catering units at stations are checked.

It would also be ensured that all the catering establishments are improved to the desired standards with complete display of rate list of items being sold, cleanliness and up-keep and maintenances of these catering units and pantry cars. Strict action would be taken against defaulters

(4) On 28th May (Sewa Diwas) each train, other than sub-urban commuting trains, would be monitored by an officer between 1000 to 1600 hrs. These nominated officers would travel by these trains and interact with passengers in all classes and ensure that amenities, as required, are provided and grievances are redressed. All trains would have an officer travelling. On this day a review of all public grievances, including social media, and other complaints/suggestions being received by the Divisions and Zonal Railway Headquarters would be analysed at the level of DRMs and GMs and remedial action and redressal would be done in most cases on that day itself.

(5) On 29th May Punctuality (Satarkata Diwas) and Ticket Checking drive would be undertaken across the Zonal Railways. This drive shall include ensuring 100% punctuality of mail/express & passenger trains, foot-plating of all mail/express trains and intensive Ticket Checking drive at major stations and in trains by, not only commercial staff, but also other railway staff duly authorized from other departments with adequate help from Vigilance, RPF and GRP staff.

(6) On 30th May (Saamanjasya Diwas) a day long exercise would be undertaken on all Divisions and Zonal Railway HQs wherein teams of concerned officers would inspect all railway staff colonies along with representatives of recognized unions to undertake cleanliness drive in the colonies and also for their upkeep and maintenance. On this day each Zonal Railways would undertake plantation of at least 1000 trees on each Division especially in the railway colonies and other premises. During this exercise railway employees and their families would be encouraged to participate and special sports events would be organized for railway employees and their families in the Divisional Stadiums. DRMs and GMs and other officers would hold meetings with employees in different depots and work places to listen their grievances and take on the spot remedial actions.

(7) On 31st May (Sanyojan Diwas) all DRMs and GMs would hold meetings and seminars with all Major Freight Traffic Customers to advise them about the various reforms and policy initiatives on the freight traffic side and to ask them to improve rail transportation, obtaining commitments from various industries to improve rail transportation to achieve the targets given to Zonal Railways. In these meetings various issues pertaining to individual industry/customer would be addressed and sorted out by the DRMs and GMs within a given time frame of 15 days.

(8) On 15t June (Sanchaar Diwas) all DRMs and GMs would review various activities under taken during the week and may hold Press Conferences in the afternoon to disseminate information about Indian Railways’ various achievements during the last two years and also various actions taken by them on their Divisions and Zones. All the above mentioned activities shall not remain confined to the days’ mentioned but throughout the week.

Member (Traffic) Shri Mohd. Jamshed shall be the Nodal Member.

CRB and Board Members may also be visiting and participating in these activities as per their programmes.