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Mumbai Port reduces port charges for coastal RO-RO service

In order to encourage the coastal movement of cargo specially automobiles by Ro-Ro ships and to meet the demand of the Auto Original Equipment Manufacture and Ro-Ro vessels operators, Mumbai Port Trust has reduced vessel related charges by about 10% on the applicable Scale of Rates for coastal vessels with further reduction of wharfage charges on vehicles  as under:

Categories Wharfage rate per unit
Passenger cars upto 4000 mm length Rs.500/-
Passenger cars from 4001 mm to              4700 mm length Rs.1,000/-
Passenger cars above 4700 mm length & SUVs, MUVs Rs.1,500/-
Heavy vehicles tare weight weighing upto 5 tonnes Rs.2,000/-
Heavy vehicles tare weight weighing above 5 tonnes Rs.450/- per tonne or part thereof

The aforesaid reduction in wharfage and Vessel Related Charges which is to the tune of about 50% to 65% will be applicable for one year from 01.06.2016. The reduction in wharfage will encourage movement of domestic cars/ trucks from the manufacturing places such as Chennai, etc.  to Mumbai, and similarly from Pune/ Nashik to southern and eastern parts of India. Presently these movements take place by road. This will also reduce congestion on roads and would be not only a cheaper option but also environmentally preferred option as it reduces carbon foot print.  This would also facilitate faster movement of vehicles meant for distribution and export.