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Statement by Inspector General Wildlife on Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Following is the text of the statement made by Inspector General Wildlife, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. S. K Khanduri, on human-wildlife conflicts,

“India is proud of its animal-human coexistence. In some places, animal- human conflicts happen. Last year, more than 500 people lost their lives in human-wildlife conflicts. There are standard operating processes laid down in the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. Therefore, the Ministry has not given any permission to kill either Deer, Peacock or Elephant.

There are many complaints from Members of Parliament, People’s Representatives, State Governments and Farmers about their crops getting heavily damaged in certain parts of the country. There also, the process has been laid down in the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 under section 62. No amendment has been made by the Government to this Act. And nothing has been done beyond the procedure prescribed by law.

As per the provision of law, if there are complaints about the wildlife conflict, then State Government has to submit the proposal. Till date, five states have submitted the proposal. The Ministry examines the proposal in detail and allows scientific management in a specific area for a limited time. There were complaints about wild boar, Blue bull and other animals.

Accordingly, these proposals have been examined and given permission for scientific management for a limited time for a specific area in the three states of Uttarakhand, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh. Proposals of Maharashtra and Gujarat are still being examined.”