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Action Plan for National Urban Health Mission(NUHM)

National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) was approved as a sub-mission of the National Health Mission (NHM) by the Cabinet on 1st May, 2013. The States prepare their Programme Implementation Plan which are apprised and approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In Financial Year 2013-14 an amount of Rs.662.227 crore was released to 29 States/UTs, including Rs.23.36 crore to Madhya Pradesh, for implementation of NUHM. Since the approvals were communicated to the States during the last quarter of 2013-14 and the Model Code of Conduct for the General Elections to the LokSabha came into effect on 5th March, 2014, the States & UTs could not implement the activities approved under NUHM during 2013-14. However, the States & UTs are now taking steps to implement NUHM as per the approvals communicated last year and the Ministry is in constant touch with the State Governmentsand UT administrations in this regard. NUHM will be implemented through the District Health Societies, except in the seven mega cities, where it will be implemented through the city Urban Health Societies. The States can also decide to implement NUHM through the city Urban Health Societies in other large cities.

NUHM envisages to strengthen the existing primary health care facilities and establish new primary health centres based on detailed mapping of the slum and vulnerable population to improve access of the urban poor to quality and equitable primary health care services.

An amount of Rs.306.81 crore has been released to 14 States including Rs.34.98 crore to Madhya Pradesh, during the current year to continue the activities sanctioned last year.